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Mr Hoxton

As many of you know, I have laughed in the face of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse, but now that I’m married it seemed only fair to provide some more knitwear for the Mr without the threat of bad mojo. He … Continue reading

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Little Brother

At last, it is DONE! This is the cardigan I promised my little brother about, oh, it must be several decades ago by now. And when I say little, I mean that he is younger than me, not smaller than … Continue reading

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Winter Is Coming

The weather is definitely starting to turn, with a real chill in the early mornings and after dark. Which I’m actually pretty pleased about as it means it’s time to break out the handknits! A trip up to Shropshire last … Continue reading

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Episode 93: Brothers & Beards

This week I share my knitting woes as I try to knit a cardigan for my younger brother. Plus there’s a round-up of what else I’ve been knitting and a review of some patterns that have caught my eye on … Continue reading

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The Plan

Thank you for all the oh-so-helpful comments on the last post. As ever, there is much knitting wisdom to be found from kindly folk online. Last night I got home and spent an hour or so on the sofa, scribbling … Continue reading

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Glutton for Punishment

So, you know all the fun I had knitting the boyfriend’s Charmed Sweater? Well, it seems I’ve decided to set myself another Herculean knitting task. My little brother will turn 30 at the beginning of June. Yes, yes, I know … Continue reading

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Charmed Sweater

I have decided that my boyfriend’s soon-to-be-knitted jumper will now be referred to as the Charmed Sweater, in honour of its defiance of the sweater curse and general kickass mojo. By the time I’m done, I fully expect it to … Continue reading

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Defying the Sweater Curse

No doubt you are all familiar with the notorious Boyfriend Sweater Curse, which dictates that any attempt to handknit your beloved a sweater will result in said other half dumping you at the exact moment you complete your woollen labour … Continue reading

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