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A letter to Tineola Bisselliella

Dear Bastards Moths, Just look at what you’ve done: Whilst I am flattered that you are such enthusiastic residents of my home, and I agree that the Victorian features and original fireplaces are quite lovely, I’m afraid you have long … Continue reading

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Episode 88: Stash Bust 2012

The Sheep returns as we revisit the stash, hopefully without too much of a bust-up, and a new plan for 2012. Plus there are fabulous new patterns from my favourite knitwear designer and my favourite yarn shop, and a terrible … Continue reading

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We’re all feeling the pinch these days, when even a trip to Topshop feels as though you’re splurging in Harvey Nichols. Every now and again I stare wistfully at some magazine or window display, thinking how fabulous I would look … Continue reading

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Episode 79: Things To Do

This week is all about lists and when they get out of hand. Plus we have a look at the latest issue of Rowan Magazine in an epic pattern review, and there’s news of a podcasting meet-up at Knit Nation … Continue reading

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Episode 68: Pattern Paywall

This week we’re tackling the slightly controversial topic of pattern pricing. Do you buy books or PDFs? Are they good value for money? Thanks to inspiration from a crafty blogger we’ll be debating the various viewpoints. Plus there’s a look … Continue reading

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Episode 61: Keep Smiling

This week we consider ways to save a penny or two in the wake of the Spending Review, and find a few things to keep us smiling. From a new knitting book, to the winners of the Purls of Wisdom … Continue reading

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Episode 55: Handmade Home Truths

The Sweater of Doom is finally finished and whilst modeling the mohair beast behind the microphone, I’ll be discussing the professional advice some handmade sellers sought from a marketing expert; plus we take a look at the baby patterns you’ve recommended, there’s … Continue reading

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Episode 54: A Brief Guide To Hoxton

This week join me for a day out in my neighbourhood! Plus we roam through the wonders of the Feed The Sheep thread on Ravelry, there’s a new (to me) online knitting magazine, an update on the Sweater of Doom, … Continue reading

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Episode 23: Elves

This week is in aid of Christmas Knitting Elves everywhere, as we run down the list of ways to help you finish all those gifts in time. Plus there are some handy gift patterns over at Let’s Knit Magazine; a … Continue reading

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Episode 21: Inspiration

The Sheep is back. Kicking off Series II with a look at inspiration; a rundown of some fab knitting podcasts; the highs (and lows) of Interweave Knits Weekend and a new yarn from Rowan.  Plus we learn that the Force … Continue reading

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