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Episode 89: The Sweater Curse

The podcast returns with a challenge to knitting mythology – is it possible to beat the Boyfriend Sweater Curse? Plus we catch up on what else I’ve been knitting; there are some blog recommendations and a beard-tastic documentary. Read about … Continue reading

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Bliss – Take Two

So, the renovated Bliss sweater is now finished, with longer sleeves: Luckily, my washing machine behaved itself this time, and after a run through the wool cycle, the new yarn bloomed and the join is no longer visible. So, I’m … Continue reading

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I have 11 inches of Charmed Sweater: I did the hem using some of the same New Lanark wool I had, but in a DK weight. I did a knitted cast on with 5mm needles, then switched to 4mm needles … Continue reading

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I am making progress on the Charmed Sweater. I have about 7 inches of the body done and it seems to be measuring up to the required 44″, although I’m going to get him to try it on and make … Continue reading

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Episode 51: Slow Fashion

The Sheep is back for Series 4, and we’re kicking off with a look at Slow Fashion and some  knitting patterns that can withstand changing trends. Plus I report back from the Stitched Selves project; there’s a new issue of … Continue reading

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Bliss & Hanne

Finished at last, here’s Bliss (with a one-armed, not-great photo):And this one shows the colour of the yarn a bit better: Then Hanne, which is really hard to photograph and see it properly, but it gives you an idea. This … Continue reading

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Knitting In Progress

So, I thought it was time for a little update on what I’m knitting at the moment.  Here’s Bliss: After a slight false start and a little chart reading confusion, this has been going along quite speedily and I’m pleased … Continue reading

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