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Since my time-wasting online activities are rather restricted this week, in a no doubt futile effort to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers (we’re only halfway through season 4) I thought it would be a good time to try and revive the blogging from the bunker.

Ironically, it seems that Peckham Rye is fast becoming the new Hoxton. Obviously the Sheep takes full credit for this transformation and, to be fair, his moonshine and DJ skills are proving rather popular when it comes to entertaining the hipster masses. Coming home from work each day I can hardly move through the station for all the bright young things in tight trousers, difficult haircuts and the kind of eyewear the Two Ronnies would have been proud of. More than once I have seen someone carrying a ukulele nonchalantly under one arm. It’s possible that this is a sign of the End of Days and we should move house immediately but then again their presence means we’re getting some very good bars and restaurants opening up, so swings and roundabouts really.

I am knitting happily on my Aidez cardigan with the kind of speedy progress that is like crack to someone with my level of attention. It’s instant gratification and completely addictive; woollen catnip, if you will. Over a couple of hours yesterday evening I knitted about 7″ of sleeve, even with a seeded wishbone pattern all the way up one side. I had been thinking that I would try and finish it in time for our trip to New York* in a couple of weeks, except that I checked the forecast and it’s currently 29 degrees over there. Forget the wool, I’m going to need a bikini at this rate.

And, if you’ll forgive a little self-promotion, please do check out the latest issue of Knitting Magazine (#121), which has a feature I wrote all about craftydermy (and if this terminology has left you baffled, then you really need to read it!). Admittedly, it’s a somewhat quirky topic. Can’t imagine why they came to me with it…. ;)

*Yes, we are going to NY! Woohoo! Some of you may remember we were supposed to go last year, and then Hurricane Sandy struck, our flights were cancelled and our hotel was flooded. This is take two. Just as a government shutdown has started and the air traffic controllers are threatening strike action. Sigh.

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Episode 110: Back To School


The Sheep is back! Woo-hoo!! All the excitement is adding to my general knitting mania to Knit All the Things at this time of year. Plus I’ll be sharing with you the best wedding present EVER; telling  you what I have on the needles; drooling over some beautiful new patterns and applauding the musical genius, cute factor and comedy on display in some very special performances.

Making Baking & Raking (aka Glenda the cake & crochet goddess)

Knitting: Aidez Again, Habitat, Lanark Wool

BT Fall 13

Music videos:

Everything Counts; Tonight You Belong To Me; Bohemian Gravity; Lip Sync Battle.

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Mr & Mrs Hoxton

As you know, I like to keep my personal life separate from the blog, but it’s not every day that a girl gets married, and our photographer did such a fantastic job that I wanted to share a little something of this very happy occasion with you. So here’s a little taste of our London wedding a few weeks ago:

The obligatory picture of the dress...

The obligatory picture of the dress…

...and the shoes

…and the shoes

The headband made my inner 6 year old very happy; I felt like a Disney princess (without the pouffy ballgown).

The headband made my inner 6 year old very happy; I felt like a Disney princess (without the pouffy ballgown).

Before the ceremony.

Before the ceremony.

The groom proves his excellent character by showing off his new handknitted socks, (which he insisted on wearing in spite of the August heat). Not that I knit socks of course. Ahem.

The groom proves his excellent character by showing off his new handknitted socks, (which he insisted on wearing in spite of the August heat).

My bouquet was made of freesias.

My bouquet was made of freesias.

A special buttonhole for a rather dapper suit.

A special buttonhole for a rather dapper suit.

Cerise roses.

Cerise roses.

Our table plan and settings were based on the Underground. Well, had to be done for a London wedding, right?

Our table plan and settings were based on the Underground. Well, had to be done for a London wedding, right?

Time for dinner.

Time for dinner.

Our fabulous cake, made by the wonderful Glenda of the Making Baking and Raking blog.

Our fabulous cake, made by the wonderful Glenda of the Making Baking and Raking blog.

The Thames looking particularly photogenic in the evening light.

The Thames looking particularly photogenic in the evening light.

The new Mr & Mrs Hoxton take a stroll along the riverside.

The new Mr & Mrs Hoxton take a stroll along the riverside.

It really was a wonderful day and we had an amazing time. Thank you for all your kind messages, good wishes and congratulations.

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Ep : Summer In The City


This week we’re melting in the Summer heat, so the only sensible thing to do is sit back, relax and admire some beautiful knitwear and take a look at some new knitting needles. Oh and by the way, do keep an eye on the Sheep’s latest acquisition, I think he’s peckish….

Black Death shawl pattern

Featherweight cardigan

Knit Pro Needles

Brooklyn Tweed – BT Men Vol.1

Disposing of Incompetent Henchmen – some handy tips from James Bond.


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Episode 108: AWOL


Many things have gone AWOL recently – me, the Sheep, Spring – but the podcast is back and the Sheep is here to fill you in on what’s been going on over in Peckham. Plus there’s my new knitting pattern, more tweedy goodness from Brooklyn, a multitude of sweaters on my needles, a closer look at those accents in Game of Thrones and some excellent singing in space.

From the Sheep’s diary: Game of ThronesSecurity Alpacas, Parkham Women’s Institute dress as pirates, Llamas visit the elderly, Nigel Farage in Edinburgh, Get Lucky

Black Death shawl pattern

Brooklyn Tweed – Wool People Vol.5

Sedum, Aidez, Fauxdez

Featherweight, Pigeon Feather, Pebble

Caramel, Driftwood, Knit By Numbers

Accents in Game of Thrones

Commander Chris Hadfield sings Space Oddity in space

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As Hoxton’s still brushing confetti out of her hair, it falls to me to keep this blog going. Honestly, I have to do everything around here. However this does afford me the opportunity to sort the place out and give you some properly useful information, instead of her wittering on about some nonsense, so I am taking over the Handmade. At least until she notices that I’ve hacked my way into the website admin and takes away my broadband privileges. So, to business.

Apparently it is Spring. In fact, it’s almost Summer. Not that you would know this from the English climate, which appears to have got itself stuck somewhere around late February. It’s cold and windy, the skies filled with ominous grey clouds, and my new barbecue is forlorn and unused.

I have managed to dodge the annual shearing so far, as even Hoxton can’t bear the thought of me naked and shivering in my bunker. She offered to knit me a jumper, but I can’t get my head around that particular piece of meta-wool-wear, and besides, I’m not a chihuahua.

But to cheer you up, here are a few things that have been seeing me thought the cold snap:

  • Dan Brown’s new book. What can I say, Inferno is a seminal piece of 21st Century literature, and I think it’s laudable that this piece in the Telegraph refuses to make fun of it. Not even a little bit. No sir.
  • Commander Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity in ACTUAL SPACE! Obviously he has inspired me to take to the skies myself, and I’m currently building a rocket, from which I will broadcasting a series of ukulele concerts. It’s going to be epic.
  • Mr Men books. I had assumed these were simple children’s tales but it turns out they are fantastic allegories of philosophical thought. Who knew?
  • I have discovered these brilliant recipes for gin. It seems something of a waste to put the good stuff into a smoked salmon torte, when you could just drink it, but then again you could have an entire gin banquet. Just the thing to recommend to her Majesty for the next time she’s hosting a State dinner.
  • And finally, Brooklyn Tweed has published Wool People vol.5. I hadn’t noticed this until I found Hoxton gibbering in the corner, drooling over some photos and muttering something about tweed and cables. But then she’s obviously bonkers.

Right, time to go and see if I can crack the locks on the recording studio and sort the podcast out. The tricky part will be disabling the alarm and dodging the infra-red sensors. Honestly, it’s as if Hoxton doesn’t trust me at all.

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Black Death – the pattern

I have just published my Black Death shawl pattern as a free Ravelry download!


I am quite giddy with excitement. Thank you to everyone who left encouraging comments, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. As it’s my very first pattern it’s been a steep learning curve, but I’ve checked and double-checked and the utterly brilliant Glenda (of Making, Baking & Raking) has kindly test-knitted it for me, so it should work as intended.

And now I am off to find the Sheep and celebrate with a hefty slice of Battenburg and a large gin cocktail…

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Life Is A Party

So, I am half way through a month of happy celebrations – a wedding bonanza, as I like to think of it – where I am at a wedding or a hen party every weekend. If you’re wondering where the podcast has gone, this is the answer. However there’s a Bank Holiday Monday coming up, and I’m hoping to sneak an episode in, somewhere between the confetti and the party games and the speeches and the (or rather, my) dodgy dancing.

It’s all a lot of fun – as well as culturally enlightening, thanks to the lovely Civil/Chinese/Tamil wedding on Saturday, which saw the bride wear not one but three amazing outfits – but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. Of course the Sheep is loving it all; it’s the perfect excuse for him to get his glad rags on, and show off his dance moves and I have to say, his moonshine has been a BIG hit with the party guests…

I do think he’s going to have to pace himself though – we’re only two weddings down, and there’s six more to go in the next five months…

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Pen and Paper

It’s National Stationery Week – no I don’t know why either, but I have something of an obsession with notebooks and stationery in general, so I’m happy to join in.

New stationery brings the promise of so much – artistic brilliance, creative genius, organisational nirvana. Sadly, as I bring an impressive line in procrastination, self doubt and poor time management, these ideals never quite materialise. But I’m not going to let that stop me. So here is my newest acquisition, a notebook from Penguin that cunningly gives my ramblings the appearance of classic literature.


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Episode 107: Remake


This week we’re taking the advice of movie moguls and launching remakes of old knitwear as all new epic blockbusters. Or something like that. Plus there’s my trip to York, an update on my first pattern, a cardigan to help battle the Winter That Never Ends, a very dapper gent, and an extremely small sheep.

Driven, Owls, Aidez, Still Light, Folded, Featherweight

In York – Ramshambles yarn shop, Trembling Madness

Black Death shawl – Red Death

Sedum cardigan

Garter Squish Blanket

What Ali Wore

Micro Lamb

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