Episode Guide

The podcast is approaching 100 episodes, but if you are new to the show and don’t know where to start, here’s a list of some of the most popular episodes you might like to try:

  • Ep.4 Winifred & Kathleen In celebration of grannies.
  • Ep.7 Whales & Guerillas On the joy of failure.
  • English Tale American Twist A tongue-in-cheek review of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
  • Ep.18 Harry & The Boys On remembering the Great War.
  • Ep.19 Hoxton & The Handmade Where I first work up the courage to play the ukulele on the podcast.
  • Ep.23 Elves Top tips for knitting Christmas gifts.
  • Ep.26 Showtime Follow the action as a theatre company stage a West End musical in just 24 hours.
  • Ep.28 Bonfire I explain the origins & traditions of Guy Fawkes’ Night.
  • Ep.30 Thieves A daring tale of dastardly deeds as a band of knitters execute the perfect heist.
  • Ep.34 Panto The Christmas show, with a knitters’ audio pantomime. Yes, really.
  • Ep.44 The Sheep’s First Birthday One year of podcasting!
  • Ep.52 Knitting For Others On the perils of bestowing your knitted wonders on other people.
  • Ep.54 A Brief Guide To Hoxton A guided tour of my local area.
  • Ep.56 Operation Fibre Freedom The Sheep undertakes his very own Mission Impossible.
  • Ep.63 Making A Mockery Examining the repercussions of taking comedy out of context.
  • Ep.64 Royal Revolution With the announcement of the royal wedding I take a look at our complex relationship with the monarchy.
  • Ep.66 The Panto Strikes Back Because the Sheep wanted an excuse to play the theme tune to Wonder Woman.
  • Ep.75 Road Trip Join the Sheep (and my long-suffering boyfriend) on a tour of south-west Ireland.
  • Ep.82 Riot Reaction to the London riots of August 2011.
  • Ep.85 Occupy The Sheep sets out to learn about the Occupy movement.
  • Ep.87 The Return of the Panto The annual knitters’ panto returns with some cheesy Christmas tunes.
  • Ep.89 Sweater Curse Tackling the infamous boyfriend sweater curse.

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