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Hello and welcome to the Electric Sheep (mostly) knitting podcast, which ran from 2009 until 2014. The backlist is available on iTunes and the feed below (assuming the internet gremlins keep working). Please help yourself to a slice of Battenberg and a gin cocktail and come on in. Just watch out for the Sheep, his ninja moves can get a little dangerous once he’s been at the sheep dip.

Hoxton Handmade celebrates all things knit, looking at the latest patterns, reviewing UK yarns and sharing her woolly disasters and triumphs. Every episode starts with an essay on a wide variety of topics – from the handmade to history, from current affairs to crazy stories. As well as talking about London events and culture, she also plugs into the net, looking at the quirky, entertaining delights to be found online. With award-winning beards, knitting drummers and a surfing alpaca, no two episodes are quite the same.

To listen to any episode of the show you can:

1) Listen using the built-in audio players at the top of each podcast post on the blog.

2) Play or download in the iTunes Store, where the podcast is listed under ‘Electric Sheep’.

3) Visit the feed for the podcast here and download the show via the podcatcher of your choice.

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13 Responses to Electric Sheep Podcast

  1. Terry Forster, Guilford,CT. USA says:

    I found this website because it was mentioned on a podcast I was listening to at the time. I LOVE this podcast. Witty, intelligent, and just plain fun, are only some of the ways to describe this podcaster. The essays are my particular favorite. Keep up the great work, please!

  2. Jacquie says:

    I LOVE all your podcasts! I admit i have to listen to them when i am walking the dogs or by myself or i am certain i will get funny looks when i laugh aloud!
    Please keep up your podcast!

  3. Gransan says:

    A knitting granny that recently found podcasts and have been downloading all the archived ones. I liked your early podcast about grandparents. We are very actives with ours taking to Disneyworld/Disneyland, vacations, swimming with dolphins, etc. And, I get lots of special requests from the grandchildren for specific knitted items. Been a knitter for 43 years and now use the iPod, texting, computers to keep up with both knitting and grandchildren!!

  4. Gretchen says:

    I’m listening to some of your old podcasts and you asked for fun, crazy sites. If you haven’t looked at this, may I recommend:
    I laugh almost every time I open it.
    I’m loving your podcast, it’s interesting and you have a great sense of humor.

  5. Deb Demoney says:

    In Episode 56 you were (understandably) uninterested in wearing most of the colorwork items in the Russian Doll section of Rowan magazine #48. I agree completely, and have found a different use for intarsia and fair isle patterns – throw pillows, laptop/notebook covers, purses, etc. It’s fun to knit the pattterns, but who but a few fashion models and young children can wear them? Just a thought.

  6. Liz in NY says:

    Hope you are well and just taking a break, but want you to know that your podcasts are sorely missed. We are deep into a cold, snowy, winter here and could really use some levity via you and the sheep. Here’s hoping there will be a new episode soon. Happy New Year!

  7. I got into your podcast a few months ago, and it quickly surpassed all the other podcasts I listen to as my favorite. I’ve been listening to the older episodes when I have no new ones to sustain me, and am just after listening to ‘Hoxton & The Handmade’, in which, as I’m sure you remember, you performed Creep by Radiohead on the ukulele. May I just say you have a beautiful singing, as well as speaking voice? I think we’re well overdue for another ukulele cover. :)

  8. Mary Jo says:

    Very much enjoy your podcasts! So glad I found you.

  9. Lisa Knotts says:

    Love your podcast. A friend recommened you to my knitting listening and I’m very happy to have listened to her. I enjoyed your Christmas Panto pod and as a Canadian married to an Englishman it is a Christmas tradition we will bring up as part of our family’s Christmas celebrations.
    Now I’ve just returned to itunes, loaded most of your podcasts from your inception and now listening to them on my commute and trying to tune out the office noises. Episode 4 is something special to me. I’m fortunate enough to also have been taught by my nan and only since my grandad’s passing just over 2 years ago I’ve returned to my knitting with a vengance. I am one of the lucky ones, getting to knit with my nan every week!!
    Keep up the great work.

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  11. Lynne Kelly says:

    I just found your podcast and was listening to your cast on Coffee. I loved the story you told about the sheep rolling over the cattle grating and hope to find some video of this feat. Maybe the sheep knows where we can view it.

    I have added your podcast to my favorite list of podcasts and will listen to them all until I am caught up. You are witty and fun and I love it. Say hi to the sheep for me….

  12. Anne Healy says:

    Dear Kate, Your photos of your recent trip to Ireland were beautiful and remind me I must make a trip very soon down to Kerry.

    A question for you – you recommened Lanark wools and I looked at their website.
    Indeed the yarn is very reasonably priced and I like the textured effect created by spinning different coloured plys together. Could you tell me if the 100% wool blend and the 90% wool/10% silk blends are soft to touch. I am tempted to order some but do not like yarn that is any way coarse. I would appreciate your judgment on this if you could manage to drop an email to me.
    I enjoy your podcasts and profiling of patterns. You like top down fitted/styled garments which I also favour.

    Kind regards.


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