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All good things…

Hey there. It’s been a while. This blog is essentially one giant tumbleweed, rolling past dust bunnies the size of buffalo. To that end, I posted this on Medium earlier today*. I don’t expect it’s much of a surprise, but I still thought it … Continue reading

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Episode 114: Peak Beard

Yes it’s that time of year again when our senses are assaulted by the over-the-top wonder that is the Eurovision Song Contest. If you missed the live event last night, fear not, the Sheep and I are here to guide … Continue reading

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Episode 113: Sharknado

Yes it’s time for the Electric Sheep review of a film that needs no introduction (warning: contains spoilers). Plus there’s an update on what I’ve been knitting, some knitting plans for the future, and a very determined, rather confused, squirrel. … Continue reading

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Episode 112: Attack of the Panto

Just in time for the festivities, it’s the annual Electric Sheep Knitter’s Audio Christmas Pantomime! Grab your knitting and some eggnog and settle down for an extremely silly rendition of Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. If that’s not enough … Continue reading

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Episode 111: Brooklyn Tweed

So we went to New York for a long weekend and really, not all that much happened except did I mention that I MET BROOKLYN TWEED! Jared Flood very kindly agreed to be interviewed for the podcast, so you can … Continue reading

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Episode 110: Back To School

The Sheep is back! Woo-hoo!! All the excitement is adding to my general knitting mania to Knit All the Things at this time of year. Plus I’ll be sharing with you the best wedding present EVER; telling  you what I … Continue reading

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Ep : Summer In The City

This week we’re melting in the Summer heat, so the only sensible thing to do is sit back, relax and admire some beautiful knitwear and take a look at some new knitting needles. Oh and by the way, do keep … Continue reading

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Episode 108: AWOL

Many things have gone AWOL recently – me, the Sheep, Spring – but the podcast is back and the Sheep is here to fill you in on what’s been going on over in Peckham. Plus there’s my new knitting pattern, … Continue reading

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Episode 107: Remake

This week we’re taking the advice of movie moguls and launching remakes of old knitwear as all new epic blockbusters. Or something like that. Plus there’s my trip to York, an update on my first pattern, a cardigan to help … Continue reading

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Episode 106: Nothing New Under The Sun

I seem to be knitting the same simple patterns over and over so this week we’re looking at the joy of familiar favourites. Plus we catch up on what else I’ve been knitting lately; there’s a new yarn to tell … Continue reading

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