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All good things…

Hey there. It’s been a while. This blog is essentially one giant tumbleweed, rolling past dust bunnies the size of buffalo. To that end, I posted this on Medium earlier today*. I don’t expect it’s much of a surprise, but I still thought it … Continue reading

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If you’re missing the Panto…

I was kinda hoping I’d be able to do my annual Electric Sheep panto. It’s one of my favourite festive things, and I have a lot of fun coming up with some truly terrible jokes and a cheesy soundtrack. However … Continue reading

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Here’s One I Made Earlier….

So, if you’ve been wondering just where on earth the Sheep and I have been this year, I can finally reveal the answer: The littlest sheep arrived last weekend, and needless to say Mr Hoxton and I are completely smitten. … Continue reading

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My brain is a little fuggy these days, which is why another weekend has gone by without me photographing my recent knitwear FOs. But it’s not because I’m addled in my old(er) age, nor because of any illicit substances (the … Continue reading

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Hello everyo- eughhh, snghkwlrchc! *sneezes violently, clears dust bunnies and tumbleweeds out of poor neglected blog* My goodness it’s been a while. Rather than offer explanations excuses, I’ll simply crack on and get back on the proverbial horse, in spite … Continue reading

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Moth Morgue

So, the Wool and Fencing room, as the spare room/dumping ground is known in our house, is currently something of a moth morgue. I attempted to count the little corpses and stopped when I got to 141. When I said … Continue reading

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Episode 114: Peak Beard

Yes it’s that time of year again when our senses are assaulted by the over-the-top wonder that is the Eurovision Song Contest. If you missed the live event last night, fear not, the Sheep and I are here to guide … Continue reading

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Episode 113: Sharknado

Yes it’s time for the Electric Sheep review of a film that needs no introduction (warning: contains spoilers). Plus there’s an update on what I’ve been knitting, some knitting plans for the future, and a very determined, rather confused, squirrel. … Continue reading

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I suppose there’s some part of my British DNA that creates a Pavlovian response to anything withe the word ‘tea’ in it, but nevertheless I was smitten with this pattern when it came out. Tea With Jam & Bread by … Continue reading

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Mr Hoxton

As many of you know, I have laughed in the face of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse, but now that I’m married it seemed only fair to provide some more knitwear for the Mr without the threat of bad mojo. He … Continue reading

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