My brain is a little fuggy these days, which is why another weekend has gone by without me photographing my recent knitwear FOs. But it’s not because I’m addled in my old(er) age, nor because of any illicit substances (the Sheep’s moonshine excepted), but rather because WEATHER.

It is hot in London. Not that hot, admittedly, not compared to Dubai or Texas but really quite hot for a country whose inhabitants are mostly accustomed to a forecast of chilly drizzle and that doesn’t have a lot of air conditioning. As well as being hot, it is also humid, and thunderstorms are a regular occurrence these days. So I’m languishing in air that seems to have taken on the consistency of soup, and not really feeling all that woolly.

World events now reaching a point where I can hardly bear to check the headlines, it’s also tricky to escape the feeling that whatever I blather on about here is even more irrelevant than usual. Nevertheless, for those looking for a quiet corner of the internet not filled with death and destruction, I can heartily recommend this video of the Queen’s Guard playing the Game of Thrones theme song. NB That’s the real Queen’s Guard, as opposed to the fictitious one with the dragons and and the improbable amount of nude bathing (very important not to mix those two up. Awkward mental images for all concerned otherwise).

On a slightly more cultured note, the most productive thing I did this weekend was to finish reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I’m not entirely sure the mystery element of the plot entirely paid off (I felt it was a bit over-sold in the blurb and actually not really the point of the book), it’s a brilliant portrait of the era and the characters are fantastic. An ideal choice if you like historical fiction like Girl With A Pearl Earring.

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  1. Kasia says:

    Down here in Melbourne it is COLD. Not that cold, admittedly, not compared to Antarctica or Patagonia, but really quite cold and quite the weather for squishy woollens and pointy sticks. I’m SOOOO happy that despite the WEATHER and the state of the world you have returned to blather and natter about wool and gin and cake and the Sheep! Hope to hear you soon too! May cool weather, a little less rain and glorious handspun hand-dyed envelope you all soon.

    • Hoxton says:

      Aw thank you! I would dispatch the Sheep your way with a hot toddy, but I can’t get him out of his rooftop pool* at the moment…

      *small bird bath, but he likes to think he’s in Beverly Hills or something. Sigh.

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