Hello everyo- eughhh, snghkwlrchc! *sneezes violently, clears dust bunnies and tumbleweeds out of poor neglected blog*

My goodness it’s been a while. Rather than offer explanations excuses, I’ll simply crack on and get back on the proverbial horse, in spite of the fact that blogging is apparently dead and I am a rusting old fogey of a bygone era.

Many exciting things have been happening in my absence, which I hope you’ve all read about/joined in/drooled over. Brooklyn Tweed released a pattern booklet for kids – oh dear lord, the cute factor just exploded my brain. Although even I have to admit that I would not consider Brooklyn Tweed yarns to be the most child-friendly. Anything with a scratchy sheepy texture that requires careful handwashing is not perhaps ideal for the younger folk, but some judicious substitutions should solve that problem.

Speaking of Brooklyn Tweed, I have been knitting Quill. Of course I’m not organised enough to have a photo to show you, but I’ll see if I can sort one out and do a proper post about it. I’ve loved this pattern for ages, and decided that, although woolly, it would make a good summer knitting project, when the prospect of knitting a jumper in this weather feels preposterous (and potentially a heat stroke health hazard). I haven’t made a hap shawl before, but the construction so far has been relatively simple. The garter stitch centre square is not the most exciting of knits, and the final rounds of the first lace section get reaaalllly long, but overall I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m on the knitted border now. Which is going to take forever, so I’m just doing it a little at a time, eating up 6 stitches with each repeat of the chart and slowly working my way around.

Unwind Brighton happened, and sounded completely awesome. I’m gutted I couldn’t go, but delighted it all seems to have gone so well. The equally awesome A Playful Day was instrumental in making it happen, so do keep an eye on her blog and podcast if you want to hear more about it.

I have been eyeing up some delicious patterns, including the Deep End shawl by Heidi Kirrmaier, this lovely stripey number, A Hint of Summer, from Isabell Kraemer, and the beautiful Madder collection by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

We headed off to Brittany for a lovely holiday along the stunning coastline there, and stayed opposite a house that was home to several chickens, two horses, one donkey and a goat that had three kids. I am now utterly smitten with small fluffy goats and offer you this video of Buttermilk, the somewhat hyperactive, jumping goat, as a pretty speedy way for you to feel the same. (I love how overexcited he is and how utterly unimpressed the rest of them are. To be fair, I’m not sure I’d enjoy being jumped on all that much either but still, what he lacks in social graces he makes up for in enthusiasm).

I’m hoping to do a podcast in the next weekend or two, and will endeavour to keep the blog dust-free in the meantime, so watch this space…

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  1. Bea says:

    So good to have you back! I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you’ve been knitting! (and maybe a bit about your trip as well?!)

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