Moth Morgue

So, the Wool and Fencing room, as the spare room/dumping ground is known in our house, is currently something of a moth morgue.


I attempted to count the little corpses and stopped when I got to 141. When I said I had a moth problem, I wasn’t kidding. Although I should point out that these have accumulated over about 3 months. But then as the pheromone traps only catch the male moths, I suppose this is actually only half the problem.

We see the odd moth flitting about other areas of the house most days (and sometimes nestling in amongst my stash, the little horrors) but the main culprit is the old carpet in this room. It has some huge holes in it from the critters working their way through the wool pile. Luckily we’ll be redecorating upstairs over the summer, and the whole carpet will be removed, which should make a big difference. In the meantime, I’m stocking up on the traps, hoovering regularly, and getting in some moth killing strips etc too. You pesky little wool munchers have been warned…

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6 Responses to Moth Morgue

  1. azterya says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of moths. Good luck with the extermination.

  2. I’ve found them in my stash a few times, I’ve now had enough to do with them that I know exactly how to deal with the problem and my kids no longer hear me swear when I find them. Luckily they’re not in our carpet though, cos it’s new!
    I hate the little sods, and hope never to see them again. Unfortunately being a spinner/knitter/weaver I know that’s pretty unlikely.

  3. Do those moth traps smell as bad as the strip ones for flies? That’s a smell of summer I could do to forget. May your traps be fuller by the day and your knitwear safe and sound!

  4. nobutterfly says:

    I so hope they are not in your stash! It would be my biggest nightmare

  5. Kesha says:

    Beyond impressed with your level of calm! Hang in there for the renovation.
    Rachelle please share you Moth knowledge.

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