Episode 113: Sharknado

Yes it’s time for the Electric Sheep review of a film that needs no introduction (warning: contains spoilers). Plus there’s an update on what I’ve been knitting, some knitting plans for the future, and a very determined, rather confused, squirrel.

Sharknado – a brilliant four and a half minute version is available here.

GrettirBlue Sand Cardigan, Baby Vertebrae Cardigan, In Threes Cardigan, Adriana, Belle.

Squirrel video.



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7 Responses to Episode 113: Sharknado

  1. Kristin says:

    SO EXCITED! Can’t wait to listen to the episode. I love your movie reviews and also “loved” Sharknado. Yay!

  2. Jennifer C says:

    That was brilliant. I was hoarse after watching Sharknado, from howling with laughter. Your review caught the genius that is Sharknado perfectly. Bravo.
    PS The squirrel!! Just love the squirrel.

  3. Laura says:

    Awesome episode! Your hilarious comment made me laugh out loud several times on the commute this morning, which earned me some incredulous looks, given that it was 05:30 in the morning.

    Concerning your moth problem: GET RID of the carpet as soon as possible!!!! I had a similar issue in my workroom with a carpet (the mobile kind, not the one you glue to the floor). The critters had infested the carpet and no matter what I did, they kept re-emerging. I tried several things, including the pheromone traps. When I threw the damn thing out after the moths had come back the third season in a row, I found out that they had “fled” my attempts to de-moth the carpet by laying their eggs in the one part of the carpet I could not reach with any sprays or the vacuum cleaner: underneath the shelf.
    Thus, my only recommendation is: throw the source, aka the carpet, out. If you can, do it via the window to avoid carrying the infested thing through your entire house. If you do not have such an option, try to cut it to pieces in the room where it has been before and throw it into large plastic bags. That will keep the moth-risk in other rooms to a minimum. You can spray down any “nests” that you find afterwards with “Neem-Spray”. I don’t know under which name that is sold in the UK, if it is sold at all. It’s made from the Neem tree oil, which is a natural insect repellent. It is comparatively safe to use on stuff that you still want to touch / use after they have been sprayed down, but cannot be washed.
    Hope this helps! Greetings from Germany!

  4. Anna says:

    Hello! Really enjoying listening to your podcast. This is the first episode I’ve heard in full, but looking forward to the procrastination possibilities afforded by catching up on the other 112!

    When I heard the mention of your moth problem I just had to comment. I’ve been through a similar ordeal myself, but in a rented flat where I was powerless to really fix the problem. When I moved into the flat I assumed the bare patches on the carpet were made by the previous tenants’ cat; it wasn’t until spring that the true horror of the moth situation was revealed! I think, as Laura said, getting rid of the carpet ASAP is the only way you will get a handle on it.

    Although I’ve moved out of the moth nightmare flat, I still haven’t escaped from the pesky things entirely. My husband seems to think I’m cursed or that I brought stowaways in my boxes! I think you’re right that it is just a reality of older houses; when we moved into our current place we noticed a bit of a moth problem here too, despite having very little carpet. We managed to get the situation under control using a combination of the pheromone traps (we buy the plastic ones and a stack of refills, which works out quite cheaply) and ‘killer strips’, which actually kill the moths and eggs, both from Pest Control Direct (links below). I put pieces of the strips in the wardrobes and most of our drawers, and I have a couple in my stash as well. Just be aware that the chemicals can be mildly irritating to your skin, so you might want to wash your hands after knitting with any wool that has been in direct contact. Also, getting a really good quality vacuum made a huge difference for removing moths, larvae and eggs from our carpet and between the floorboards. We get a few reappearing every spring, but so far this has kept them in check.



    Best of luck!

  5. Jude says:

    Hello! I have been trying to find the ‘Aoli’ pattern you mentioned in this episode. I have probably spelt this wrongly, which is why I can’t find it! I think you said it was published in Itty Bitty and wouldn’t be released until April, but as I am writing this in July :p I hoped to find it. Could you possibly provide a link? Many thanks.

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