Aidez Again

I’m sure you all remember the disaster that befell my first Aidez cardigan a couple of years ago. Well I’ve been meaning to replace it ever since, and finally got around to it this Autumn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA┬áThis time, I decided not to use a luxury yarn, but instead turned to one of my dependable favourites – New Lanark Chunky. And I thought this would be a good opportunity to improve a little on the original pattern, namely to make it a little roomier in the armsyce and a bit longer in the sleeves and body. As with the first, I knit it all in one piece, but kept the selvedge stitches in as I wanted a bit more fabric in the front.


Once I got to the armsyce and joined the sleeves, I had a whole plan about adding extra stitches under the arms, and extra rows to the yoke. However it quickly became apparent that I was going to end up with a cardigan that would fit the Incredible Hulk – it was enormous. So I ripped back the yoke and followed the pattern as written. And it was still huge. With the extra stitches on the body, I needed to do extra raglan decreases anyway to end up with the right number of stitches for the collar. And what I hadn’t factored in was that my gauge and the fabric were totally different with the New Lanark yarn compared to the Quince & Co. (yeah, I know, big surprise right?). So I ripped yet again. It’s a good job I was doing this on 6.5mm needles, and the going was fairly quick, otherwise I might have just set fire to the thing at this point.┬áThankfully it was third time lucky.

It’s still pretty big, and feels as though you’re wearing a blanket, but in a good way. It’s exceedingly cosy, and perfect for throwing over pyjamas on a lazy Sunday morning. The New Lanark yarn blocked beautifully and softened, but it’s much more elastic than the Quince & Co. and not as dense. I think if I had gone down to a 6mm needle it would have just tightened up the fabric a little, but that’s a minor quibble really. My only other issue with it is that, as the raglan lines are quite high, the shoulders tend to slip a bit. I might try doing what others have done, and do a crochet chain along the seam at the back of the neck to give it a bit more stability. But all in all I’m really pleased with the result.



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