Episode 111: Brooklyn Tweed


So we went to New York for a long weekend and really, not all that much happened except did I mention that I MET BROOKLYN TWEED!

Jared Flood very kindly agreed to be interviewed for the podcast, so you can hear all about how the company evolved from knitting blog to publishing house and yarn brand.

There’s also a rundown of the yarn I found at the wonderful Purl Soho and a real life Duracell bunny.

Brooklyn Tweed

Shelter Yarn

Purl Soho

Anzula Squishy

Bunny Racer

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4 Responses to Episode 111: Brooklyn Tweed

  1. Liz says:

    Anyone else having trouble connecting to the bunny racer?

  2. Martine says:

    BROOKLYN TWEED!!! WHOOOP! Great episode – thank you :-) You did well not to be totally fan girly.

    Martine X

  3. Elizabeth says:

    The Bunny Racer video is amusing in a “can you believe that” way.
    The link above just has too many “http” so just use:


    Note: The men laugh and curse (in disbelief) so you may not want to watch in front of small children.

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