Episode 110: Back To School

The Sheep is back! Woo-hoo!! All the excitement is adding to my general knitting mania to Knit All the Things at this time of year. Plus I’ll be sharing with you the best wedding present EVER; telling ¬†you what I have on the needles; drooling over some beautiful new patterns and applauding the musical genius, cute factor and comedy on display in some very special performances.

Making Baking & Raking (aka Glenda the cake & crochet goddess)

Knitting: Aidez Again, Habitat, Lanark Wool

BT Fall 13

Music videos:

Everything Counts; Tonight You Belong To Me; Bohemian Gravity; Lip Sync Battle.

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2 Responses to Episode 110: Back To School

  1. moiraeknittoo says:

    I can’t decide if I like “Bohemian Gravity” or “Rollin’ in the Higgs” better. Awesome.

  2. Ed? Where is he published? My DH publishes in the national dailies in the UK and BBC Music magazine. He also sets for the Listener. Paul may know Ed!! (Paul Henderson aka Phi) Doing a special crossword will have taken a huge amount of work. Paul would have loved your crossword :-) (and setting it too)

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