Ep : Summer In The City

This week we’re melting in the Summer heat, so the only sensible thing to do is sit back, relax and admire some beautiful knitwear and take a look at some new knitting needles. Oh and by the way, do keep an eye on the Sheep’s latest acquisition, I think he’s peckish….

Black Death shawl pattern

Featherweight cardigan

Knit Pro Needles

Brooklyn Tweed – BT Men Vol.1

Disposing of Incompetent Henchmen – some handy tips from James Bond.


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4 Responses to Ep : Summer In The City

  1. Claire Humphreys says:

    Congratulations Hoxton and Mr Hoxton… Wishing you much happiness and lots of luck xx

  2. Barbara says:

    Many many many congratulations!

  3. Mary Evers says:

    I wish you both the very best for a beautiful and memorable wedding day.
    I had the pleasure of being in the Canterbury and London, England from July 23-July 28th. I was with the Indianapolis (Indiana) Children’s Choir (and more importantly my son) on tour. I want to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. We spent most of our time in Canterbury at the Cathedral, where the choral festival was held. My son was most excited about trying Jaffa Cakes, loved by one of his favorite Youtubers and Jelly Babies ala Dr. Who. We also went to London. Our hotel overlooked the Houses of Parliment and the Tower clock. Our trip to London was jam packed with typical tourist activities: St. Paul’s, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and we got to sing in Southwork Cathedral. One of the amazing things that happened was on our bus tour of London, we took a break at St. Paul’s Cathedral and met some friends of ours from Indiana. The family has lived in England for 2 years, just north of London and decided to come into the city for the day… amazing coincidence!
    Oh well…. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved our trip!

  4. Annika says:

    I listened to your podcast for the first time and really liked it. I just wanted to comment on your problem with the Knit Pro interchangeables unscrewing. I had the same problem until I read somewhere about the importance of using the litle screw-tool-thing that comes with the needles. If you plug the screw into the little hole on the sides and use as a leverage while tightening them, I promise you they will be tight like Lady Gagas leggings.

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