Life Is A Party

So, I am half way through a month of happy celebrations – a wedding bonanza, as I like to think of it – where I am at a wedding or a hen party every weekend. If you’re wondering where the podcast has gone, this is the answer. However there’s a Bank Holiday Monday coming up, and I’m hoping to sneak an episode in, somewhere between the confetti and the party games and the speeches and the (or rather, my) dodgy dancing.

It’s all a lot of fun – as well as culturally enlightening, thanks to the lovely Civil/Chinese/Tamil wedding on Saturday, which saw the bride wear not one but three amazing outfits – but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. Of course the Sheep is loving it all; it’s the perfect excuse for him to get his glad rags on, and show off his dance moves and I have to say, his moonshine has been a BIG hit with the party guests…

I do think he’s going to have to pace himself though – we’re only two weddings down, and there’s six more to go in the next five months…

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  1. suzy says:

    I’m missing the podcast, but hope you’re having a wonderful time with all the celebrations. I just saw this post about knitting items for weddings – have you read it?

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