Pen and Paper

It’s National Stationery Week – no I don’t know why either, but I have something of an obsession with notebooks and stationery in general, so I’m happy to join in.

New stationery brings the promise of so much – artistic brilliance, creative genius, organisational nirvana. Sadly, as I bring an impressive line in procrastination, self doubt and poor time management, these ideals never quite materialise. But I’m not going to let that stop me. So here is my newest acquisition, a notebook from Penguin that cunningly gives my ramblings the appearance of classic literature.


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5 Responses to Pen and Paper

  1. azterya says:

    I’m a bit of a stationery fan myself but sadly my using of stationery is no longer sufficient to justify much purchasing.

  2. Ellen says:

    I love your notebook! I could spend ages in an office supply or stationery shop – it’s kind of like a craft store for me.

  3. sheralynn says:

    What a brilliant week! I do wish I used more stationary these days, maybe finding a penpal is in order.

  4. I am a stationary addict. I wish I’d known it was Stationary Week, I’d have hit Paperchase in it’s honour. Damn. Missed that one!

  5. Kelseys says:

    Oh my goodness I think I just died a little. That is the coolest, most beautifulest notebook I have ever seen.


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