Episode 105: Peckham Handmade

Hoxton will always be close to be heart but these days the Sheep and I are happy residents of Peckham Rye, so I thought it was high time I showed you around. Plus there’s been a lot of baby knitting going on, a new shawl design, some delicious British wool, and Pancake Day.

Bar Story, Review, Ganapati, The Begging Bowl, The Montpelier; Peckham Rye tailors; Sew East Dulwich

Imagine Peckham Rye

Black Death shawl

In Threes, Little Coffee Bean, Vertebrae


200 Fair Isle Designs by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Little Houndales Knits

Pancakes, Ginger Traybake

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4 Responses to Episode 105: Peckham Handmade

  1. AlisonK says:

    Nice to have you back! There’s an adult version of In Threes by the same designer – I’m making one for myself at the moment. It’s called Practically.

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast! It’s great to have you back. I especially enjoyed hearing about Peckham Rye!

  3. Katie says:

    Sounded like you were describing spillyjane’s mitten patterns, not MJM’s?

  4. suzy says:

    Lovely episode! Thank you. I really enjoyed hearing about Peckham Rye too, it makes me want to explore around there next time I’m in London.
    My stand by baby knit pattern is the Milo vest – quick to knit, and fun too, with the cable to stop it being too dull. And a very useful garment for a new baby – you can just put it on over an all-in-one for a bit of extra warmth.

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