Happy New Year to you and yours, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and that 2013 brings you health, happiness and plenty of yarn.

Here in Peckham, we’ve had a great time with friends and family; eaten too much, drunk too much, watched Christmas movies, had boardgame contests, celebrated a couple of birthdays and distributed the Christmas knitted gifts (which were ALL finished on time. Except for my brother’s jumper but I’m working on it so we’re skipping past that little hiccup).

However, 2013 has decided to take me back to the Fourteenth Century by giving me the gift of plague; I have developed the most ungodly horror of an infection on my leg. As well as looking utterly vile with an impressive range of bubonic pustules, it hurts like hell. My ankle has swollen to twice its usual size and when I stand there is a burning, stinging sensation, as though someone is pouring scalding hot water onto my leg. Fortunately, keeping it horizontal on the sofa or table seems to stop this, although every time I shuffle to the kitchen I unleash a stream of obscenities, as what feels like a dozen bee stings fire up my leg.

I saw the doctor yesterday and I’m armed with antibiotics, I’m just waiting for them to kick in. Her best guess is that it’s some kind of allergic reaction, although god only knows to what.

Anyway, as you can see, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. Today, I was supposed to be going for a haircut and then on to John Lewis to see what was left in their yarn sale, but alas, the plague has rather spoilt my plans. Given the current size of my stash, it’s probably just as well and, on the bright side, there are worse things to be doing than watching the last episode of Homeland and a lot of knitting. And at least my brother should be getting that cardigan before too long. Hmm, given the circumstances, maybe it’s Black Death I should be watching…

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21 Responses to Plague

  1. Stephanie says:

    Staph infection? Did they culture the “bulbous pustules”?

    • Hoxton says:

      A likely culprit, though I’ve no idea. Yes, the doc took a swab – it’s all about the fun over here at the moment! ;o) The antibiotics should zap it before long.

  2. Guru Nam Kaur says:

    So sorry you’re suffering. It sounds horrible, but you make even that humorous. Hope you heal swiftly.

    • Hoxton says:

      Thank you – well, having a bit of a moan is always therapeutic, so thanks for indulging me! I’m sure it’ll clear up soon.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. Feel better!

  4. Ellen says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry! That sounds really painful. I hope the drugs work quickly!

  5. Maria says:

    The same thing happened to be a few months ago. My sympathies. Feel better!

  6. JanKamila says:

    Get well soon! Rest your leg on a familiar sheepy back. But first bribe the Sheep with gin and cake :-)

  7. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you didn’t catch this horrendous thing from the sheep. Have you tried pouring gin on it? 😉 Well done on that Christmas knitting, by the way.

  8. Barbara Edelman says:

    Could it possibly be a spider bite? I dont know if they have brown recluse spiders in London, but they have them here in te U S and one bit me. Had fver and horibl ick on ankle. It id go away. Howver, any old spider can make you swell up and (chamingly) pustulate if you are allergic. Benadryl is the ticket if its allergy related. (daughter deathly allerguc to spider bites as luck would NOT have it).

    • Hoxton says:

      Oh dear that sounds horrible for you. Fortunately the UK is completely lacking in brown recluse spiders, or indeed anything seriously venomous and/or deadly. Except for the Sheep of course 😉

  9. Barbara Edelman says:

    I am not demented, just cant type on this device.

  10. St James says:

    Usually this sort of things is caught from your nearest and dearest. So I suspect Mr Hoxton is at fault as boys can reliably be blamed for most things that go wrong. Well, at least that seems to be case in my home! Perhaps Mr Hoxton should be placed in quarantine until either a) the eruption clears up, b) the knitting is done, or c) he apologizes. He may not know why or for what he is apologizing but that rarely is important!

  11. Martine says:

    Oooh no poor you, that’s awful. I hope you are well enough to knit?? Get some gin in you girl, best antibiotics I ever took!

    The last episode of Homeland was amazing…! Enjoy!

    Happy new year X

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