So, I don’t have an advent calendar this year. No, not even one filled with gin, alas, so I have decided the make this blog my very own sheepy advent calendar. I have shamelessly copied been inspired by the Making, Baking and Raking blog, where Glenda is hoping to post something for every day in December.

Unfortunately, I do not have her baking expertise, sewing skills, or two adorable toddlers, so I’m not quite sure how this will work out. (On the other hand, she’s a friend who lives round the corner, so if I’m in desperate need of a three year old to spread glitter everywhere, I’m sure something can be arranged).

In the true spirit of Christmas, I suspect these postings will be festive, woolly, stressed out and mildly alcoholic. We’ll see how I get on.

As I’m already a day or two behind (though I hope last night’s posting of a new podcast episode counts), I’d best crack on. I thought it might possibly be helpful to someone out there if, at the end of each post, I were to highlight a gift that could be knitted between now and Christmas. Yes, I even have one or two ideas if it’s Christmas Eve and you need to cast on, but we still have three weeks, so let’s save the craziness for when we’ll really need it.

First up, may I suggest Slable, a hat pattern from the Queen of Hat Design, Woolly Wormhead.


I’m afraid this photo really doesn’t do it justice, but of course there are lots of lovely projects on Ravelry for you to browse.

It’s knitted in fingering weight yarn, but don’t let that put you off. It goes surprisingly quickly, in spite of tiny needles, and it’s the perfect opportunity to put a pretty skein of sock yarn to good use.

This is my third Winter wearing this hat and I find I pretty much live in it once the cold weather hits. It’s the perfect slouchy beanie; not too tight but won’t budge in the wind; warm and cosy but can easily be stuffed in a pocket or bag. You just pull it on and go. As with many hat patterns, this is one that I think would suit men as well as women.  It’s also the hat I get asked about the most often, partly because of the yarn (the delicious Woolen Rabbit Essence, in Oakmoss), partly because of the pattern.

According to Ravelry, I knit this in about 7 days. I consider myself a fairly average knitter, speed wise, and I have a full-time day job, so this would have been done at evenings and weekends. I reckon you’ve got plenty of time to cast on…

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3 Responses to Advent

  1. Glenda says:

    You’re welcome to borrow my children to fill your house with glitter any time you like! And hurray for a Hoxton Handmade blog post every day! I love Christmas!

  2. Barbara Edelman says:

    Hooray. Inspiration. I am knee deep in hot water bottle cover knitting. They go fast, but its a bit boring.

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