More Comfort Knitting

It is freezing, and I mean that quite literally – when I woke up this morning it was 0°C. Thankfully, I have a wardrobe full of wool that laughs in the face of frostbite (insert evil genius Mwhhhhaaa-haa-haa-ha cackling here).

As the temperature drops ever lower, I have been LOVING my second Cameo shawl. As I knit it in DK wool this time, it’s heavy enough to ward off proper Weather. With it bundled around my neck I am snug in a woollen cocoon as I wait on a very cold train platform first thing in the morning.

This version is knit in Fibre Harvest’s Knit By Numbers, which is incredibly soft and drapes well. As I didn’t have enough yarn in two colours, I used three. A variegated skein of DK from Flamboyance Yarns adds a pop of colour to the stripes.

Cameo is an easy, well-written pattern, that zips along surprisingly fast. The garter stitch makes it extra squooshy and cosy, and the lace adds interest to the border.

I’ve heard rumours that this Winter is going to be particularly cold, at least by our modest standards, but have no fear, I’m well prepared….

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3 Responses to More Comfort Knitting

  1. Chris says:

    You know, I wasn’t terribly keen on that pattern, but yours is simply lovely. Changing my mind!

    • Patricia says:

      I agree with Chris
      I wasn’t keen on the pattern until I saw your version in those beautiful colours
      Think I know what my next project will be !!

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