Writing for Knitting Magazine

I’m very excited to be able to reveal a project that has been in the pipeline for the last few months. The latest issue of Knitting Magazine, which went on sale yesterday, features an article written by me, all about podcasts!

You may remember I met some lovely folk from Knitting way back in Episode 25. When they were interested in  having a feature about podcasts in the magazine, the Sheep came to mind and they asked if I’d like to write something for them. And so, the Sheep has been released upon an unsuspecting readership (on his best behaviour, I might add).

The article is a general introduction to the world of podcasts, and I hope it encourages more people to listen to the fabulous range of shows out there, and perhaps nudges a few of them to pick up a microphone themselves.

Of course the rest of the magazine is well worth a read, with lots of great yarn and book reviews, and some lovely Autumn patterns. I’m drooling over the fair isle cardigan myself, but first I need to get some of my WIPs off the needles!

You can find the magazine at your local newsagents or yarn shop, or you can order a subscription online.

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10 Responses to Writing for Knitting Magazine

  1. Michelle says:

    Congrats! That’s so cool.

  2. azterya says:

    Congrats. That’s super awesome.

  3. moleymakes says:

    What excellent news! How much gin and Battenburg did you bribe The Sheep with 😉

  4. Martine says:

    That’s fantastic! Well done :-) I’ll be sure to pick up a copy.

    Martine x

  5. Sandi says:

    How lovely that your wit and charm (to say nothing of the Sheep’s) will be unleashed on the knitting public! Why should we have all the fun? Cheers!!

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