Winter Is Coming

The weather is definitely starting to turn, with a real chill in the early mornings and after dark. Which I’m actually pretty pleased about as it means it’s time to break out the handknits!

A trip up to Shropshire last weekend meant there were several hours in the car followed by six hours sitting on the floor of a sports hall (don’t ask), so lots of knitting time, which gave me the chance to finish off a couple of WIPs:

Yes, I know they’re socks. I don’t knit socks. Well, not exactly. As many of you are aware, I make an exception for plain socks because they are so comfy and I get cold feet. Although these are actually for my other half. I used a basic recipe I now have in my head, which is derived from the Knitmore Girls’ excellent (and free) Vanilla sock pattern. The Yarn Harlot’s sock recipe is also very good if you have her book. The yarn was a gift from a lovely Sheep listener, it’s Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn, in Bridget. The photo doesn’t quite capture the colourway, but it’s a mix of very bright green, blue, and a bit of yellow – far brighter than I’d probably choose myself but I really like it.

Another gift for the Boy, although this was finished the week before (he’s doing very well out of my burst of productivity!) is this simple hat , also from a free pattern. It’s made from a mystery yarn I bought on our trip to Ireland – a heavy aran weight, oiled, Donegal wool that smells strongly of sheep. A good wash has softened it nicely and it’s bloomed into a very warm fabric that smells faintly of sheep.

And finally these cabled fingerless mittens. The yarn was a Christmas present from my boyfriend last year (which is why he gets nice knitted things) and he chose the colour himself in what seems to have been a slightly anxiety-inducing decision, but I love it. It’s called Moorland and is a rich Emerald green. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Vintage in a skein of soft, sqooshy wonder. I hunted around for the perfect pattern and found Vancouver Fog, another freebie! These were pretty quick to knit, although I had to re-do the second mitt after I made two left-handed thumbs (yes, I really am that stupid) and I had to re-do it again when I started the thumb in the wrong place and ended up with the hand being too long. The two still don’t exactly match – the thumb and hand is longer/shorter by a row or two and I can’t for the life of me work out why – and I also think that, even though I knit them in quick succession, my gauge is slightly tighter on one than the other, but I’m probably the only one who’s going to notice. They’re very warm and cosy and now I’m looking for hat patterns to use up the second skein. In the running we have Rosebud, 16 Cables and Meret, amongst others. Decisions, decisions…..

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5 Responses to Winter Is Coming

  1. Abby says:

    Ah, yes, the two left-hand syndrome. I’m guessing the only mitten/glove/fingerless glove knitters who haven’t done that at least once are those that knit those items where handedness (?) doesn’t matter. Lovely knitwear and lucky boy!

  2. Sandi says:

    You mean I’m not alone? Except for me it’s been two right handed. Stranded. Norweigan. I couldn’t bear to completely rip out the extra, so I made two lefts, instead. My sister and I had matching mittens. Which, I suppose is cute if you’re ten and two, but we were 25 and 17. Feel better?

  3. lauren says:

    Love those mitts, they look so toasty warm. And yes, I’ve also done the two left thumb thing. The hat patterns are all really nice but my vote goes with rosebud. That would keep you seriously warm all winter.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Sorry, you do too knit socks. Patterns defineth it not!

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