Episode 98: Knit All The Things

This week I’m trying to hold the startitis at bay in the face of all the new knitting patterns that have recently been published. We take a look at the new issues of Rowan Magazine and Twist Collective. Plus there’s a brilliant photo blog, and a few crazy ideas to get you noticed in the office.

The WIPs: Cicada, Schoodic, Pogona, Featherweight, Spice Man, Vanilla, Driftwood, Garter Rib Blanket

Rowan Magazine No.52

Twist Collective Fall 2012

28 Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting

Bearded Men in Knitted Things

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2 Responses to Episode 98: Knit All The Things

  1. Clea Stagnitti says:

    Another wonderful episode – thanks so much! Love the new pattern reviews and I concur with you that the temptation to start something new is very powerful. I’m currently in the midst of a large blanket!

  2. AlisonK says:

    I do know what you mean about wanting to knit EVERYTHING NOW! I am fairly easy on myself about frogging abandoned WiPs though – it’s supposed to be fun, this knitting lark, not an exercise in discipline.

    Re matching sweaters – are you too young (you sound young) to remember Howard & Hilda in the BBC’s “Ever Decreasing Circles”? (I’m sure Google can supply images). Having watched that, I could NEVER wear anything that looked too similar to what my OH was wearing.

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