Episode 97: Let the Games Begin

Olympic fever has hit London and finally, the Sheep’s role in the festivities can be revealed as we discuss the extravaganza of the Opening Ceremony. Plus there’s a rundown of what’s on my needles and a show that proves we should all live in Nebraska.

Danny Boyle’s introduction to the Opening Ceremony.

(Also, I see the Olympic Torch here and there’s a brilliant trailer for the Paralympics that’s worth watching too).

Cameo, Pogona, Driftwood, Spice Man

The Wayne Chicken Show


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3 Responses to Episode 97: Let the Games Begin

  1. Jennifer says:

    Lovely episode, as usual. As an American, I need to assure you that we are not all obnoxious, self-aggrandizing boobs like Mr. Romney. Some of us have manners and tact, although we, as a people, are not known for this. This is why many of us who live near the border will proclaim that we are Canadian whenever we go out of the country!
    By the way, I love you Cameo and am desperate to cast on a two-color shawl similar to it.
    Cheers, and enjoy the Games.

  2. Rene says:

    I noticed that the opening song was Jerusalem, and what a lovely introduction Danny Boyle wrote. This was probably my favorite opening ceremonies ever, all the touches of inclusion and humor made for a lovely evening in spite of the US NBC cuts.

  3. margaretk says:

    Thank you for posting the opening ceremony intro – I enjoyed what they showed on American television, but knew we were missing a lot, and also missing the context. Glad to know the sheep was on the job!

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