In which I see the light

So, I was on Oxford Street in the middle of London yesterday afternoon, just before the Olympic Torch was scheduled to roll past. Even I had to concede this would be worth watching, and so I stood by the side of the road as a pretty massive crowd gathered.

After about half an hour or so I was starting to get worried about sunburn, but luckily I had scored some Official Tat™ that could be used as a sun shield:

It’s the world’s worst tambourine, in case you’re wondering and the crowd were encouraged to bang them enthusiastically as the procession started with a word from our sponsors:

There were various people running, flag-waving, riding teeny-tiny bicycles and leaping about on bouncy stilt things:

And then it was time for the Flame itself to make an appearance. However, what most of us standing there hadn’t realised was that, for Oxford St, the decision had been made that the Torch Bearer would travel on top of a red bus:

Which was fine and I guess it makes sense to speed things up and give everyone a decent view on such a busy road. Everyone cheered and waved but I think it was a slightly different atmosphere than with the runners.

I’m glad I saw it and all the people there were very happy and excited and I think the journey it’s been on round the country is pretty amazing. Here’s to the Opening Ceremony tonight (featuring 70 sheep!) – let the Games begin!

Enthusiastic enough for you Mr Romney? 😉

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2 Responses to In which I see the light

  1. lydia says:

    this is so awesome wish i was there. when the olympics were held here in atlanta, my friend got to hold the torch for a quick moment. the other day i passed by the torch “stand”, next to the local team’s baseball field, and remember watching muhammed ali light the torch-so incredibly moving then, and it brought a tear to my eye- let the games begin!

  2. drMolly says:

    I am hoping that all will turn out wonderfully for the games. And let old Romney know he is “full of bunk” about that as well as all of the other things that he is “full of”.

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