Episode 96: Tech Support

This week the Sheep gets technical with knitting tips from the experts. Plus a Wimbledon knitter causes a stir; we remember Nora Ephron’s inspiring words; there’s a crafty London blog from a friend of mine; and the Ravelympic furore gets comical.


The Principles of Knitting, The Handknitter’s Handbook

Nora Ephron’s Commencement Speech, Wellesley College 1996

Making, Baking and Raking

The BugleRavelympics excerpt

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6 Responses to Episode 96: Tech Support

  1. Abby says:

    Another delightful episode. I love the line about making Billy Crystal romantic–hilarious!

    • Hoxton says:

      Thanks :) To be fair, I don’t think I’m the first person to make that observation, but it remains an impressive feat worth remembering! 😉

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Subscribed to The Bugle. The UTube spot was great! Your podcast is the best!

  3. Annie says:

    Thanks for the excerpt from the Nora Ephron speech. Have you ever seen the movie “Mona Lisa Smile” with Julia Roberts? It tells the Wellesley story set in the 1950’s, and is a wonderful portrayal of that shift from the traditional women’s role to what was to come in just a few short years. I watch it every fall. I’m such a sucker for nostalgia, and yet deep down I know I’m better off today as far as freedom and independence are concerned.

  4. lauren says:

    I agree that all the hoopla at Wimbledon was ridiculous.You may be cheered to know that knitting at the tennis isn’t always frowned upon. I was watching the Hopman Cup earlier this year when they panned to the crowd to show an older woman knitting. The commentators knew all about her; apparently she’d been coming to the Hopman Cup for years, always with her knitting and I believe they suggested she sometimes made things for the players, or else donated items to charity. There was no suggestion made that she was anything less than an avid tennis fan just because she had a pair of knitting needles in her hands.

    However, this does beg the question as to whether the prejudice comes not from the knitting itself, but more from the age of the knitter.
    ‘Little old lady’ seen knitting = perfectly normal. Aawwww, isn’t that sweet?
    Young woman (or even worse, man (gasp!)) seen knitting = what is wrong with them? Why are they knitting? This is a world gone topsy turvy! We must hunt them down! We must demand they explain themselves!

  5. Jana says:

    I just looked up the “knitter at Wimbleton” story and good grief! After this story and the USOC story it appears we Knitters of the World need to educate a few folks about knitting! In all the pictures I saw of her, she is watching the match…more so that most of those people sitting around her…and wait…the cameraperson….what the heck is HE watching….a woman knitting! SO all I have to say is I dearly pray that we see KNITTERS in the audience at the Olympics. Loved the Bugle clip too….THEY get knitters.

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