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Today I thought I'd celebrate an oldie but a goodie. I say old, it's only been around for a few years but it's quickly become a classic. Yes indeed, the O w l s jumper by Kate Davies. 

This is my effort, one of the first jumpers I ever made, and the first I knit seamlessly. If you've always felt too intimidated to try knitting sweaters, or if you're unconvinced about the seamless method, I urge you to give it a try. It's super-fast, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and it's covered in owls! Also, it's very wearable, being a bulky woollen jumper that won't swamp your figure, and I live in mine when the temperature plummets.

As you may have heard, the design was recently plagiarised by Debenhams, which has led Kate to tell the story of the pattern on her blog. It's amazing to think that this jumper was her first publicly available design, and led her to a whole new career. It's also great to hear that it came at just the right moment to give her financial support and a new beginning after her stroke. An inspiring story.

You can buy the pattern on Ravelry here.
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  1. Zoe W. says:

    Yeah gods. This jumper has been on my Ravelry “to do” list for an age. One day I’ll be brave enough to take the plunge!

  2. Arlin says:

    I love Kate Davies’ designs and her personal aesthetics, and I admire her fortitude in facing life after the stroke. I’m glad she reached a favorable settlement from Debenhams for the plagiarization.
    And I love your sweater!

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