Episode 93: Brothers & Beards

This week I share my knitting woes as I try to knit a cardigan for my younger brother. Plus there’s a round-up of what else I’ve been knitting and a review of some patterns that have caught my eye on Ravelry. And finally, we get Beard-tastic, taking a look at the closing episodes of Whisker Wars, some impressively beardy ice-hockey players and you can be the judge of whether a leading man really does look better with a beard.

Ranger, Summer Tweed sweater

Greener Pastures, Old Town, Papillon, Billowing, Lanata

International German Beard & Moustache Championships


Better With A Beard

Jacques Plant

Battle of the Playoff Beards


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2 Responses to Episode 93: Brothers & Beards

  1. Christine in Nevada says:

    Hi Hoxton: Which Canadian hockey team does “Jim, the Sheep Rancher” root for? I’m pleased he brought up the play-off beard tradition. I somehow thought everybody knew about that and it was a world-wide tradition. Thank you for sharing your Beard-tastic stories!

    • Hoxton says:

      Hi Christine,
      He didn’t say which team he supports, so I’m not sure, but I was very happy to learn about the play-off beards!

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