Episode 92: London 2012

This week is all about the looming London Olympic Games. There’s also an update on what I’m knitting, a few tips about knitting on airplanes, a sheepy event coming up in London and some impressively¬†coiffured alpacas.

Good Gym

Acer, Wool Leaves, Sprinkle

Sheep & Wool Fayre

Austrian Alpacas 

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3 Responses to Episode 92: London 2012

  1. Sandi says:

    My day is complete – half an hour on the phone with a truly helpful & cheerful tech rep from my internet provider, the internet is back on, now an new ES episode! I’ve moved all the Sheep’s escapades to a separate playlist for the really pile-o’-pants days, so they are much less…well, pants. Thank you.
    P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the Sheep should have a name? Tanqueray? Volt? Name the Sheep contest? Or is he like James Bond, purposely anonymous?

  2. LP Starr says:

    Not only will London have all the expense of the Olympics, but also the Royal Jubilee. I can understand a celebration, but with the world’s economy as it is, how can such great sums of money be spent on these things. No wonder the people rebel!

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