Day 2: Photograph Challenge

I didn’t have chance to plan an exciting photograph for today’s challenge, so instead I had a hunt through the archives and found a picture that combines my love of knitting with my love of podcasting – it’s Mini-Me!


My woolly, miniature Doppelganger.

I made this as part of Stitch London’s Stitched Selves project, for the Science Museum (trying saying that three times really fast). With her headphones and her microphone, Mini-Me is all set to gambol around London town with the Sheep, drinking gin, admiring beards and reporting on the best craft in theĀ capital, before heading back to hang out with the rest of the Stitched Selves!


Check out the rest of today’s photos using the tag 3KCBWDAY2 .

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12 Responses to Day 2: Photograph Challenge

  1. Sam says:

    thats so cute! I wonder if mini you is such an amazing podcaster as big you!

  2. sarah apple says:

    That is adorable. I’m going to now take a listen to your podcast — I love this week of discovery! Horrah.

  3. Siga says:

    Very very nice!

  4. Snowcatcher says:

    Your Mini Me is so cute, and that collection of Mini Mes is AWESOME!

  5. Love your mini-me’s outfit!

  6. Kepanie says:

    What a cool mini me!

  7. moleymakes says:

    Love your mini me.

  8. Sandy says:

    Very cool, your mini is sooooooooo cute. I don’t think I could say that sober let alone after Gin, lol

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