There are many, many knitting patterns that instantly have me drooling, but few that have me itching to cast on quite as much as this. 
Sibella, by Carrie Bostick Hoge and the serial enablers at Quince & Co. is the jumper I have been looking for, oh, for at least a year. I have lots of lightweight yarn in my stash that is simply begging to be knitted into a dainty jumper, but the ideal pattern has remained elusive. I have had Folded in my queue for ages (and still plan to knit it) but Sibella is calling to me.
It’s seamless, classic, and the lace around the yoke is pretty and interesting but not twee. I love it in the Chickdee, and I reckon it would also look fab (though more Wintery) in Felted Tweed.
Sport-weight yarn doesn’t technically exist in the UK (although you can track it down in various imported yarns, like Chickadee) and I want to use my stash so I expect I’ll be substituting something a little lighter. But such dilemmas are a moot point as I have many other things to knit for other people before I can turn to this. On the plus side, that will mean I can see which yarns other people use and no doubt get some helpful tips from other Ravellers. Still, this weekend I may have to lock my stash away, or tape oven gloves over my hands, to prevent a virulent breakout of startitis.
Find the pattern on the Quince & Co. website or on Ravelry here:
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2 Responses to Sibella

  1. mooncalfmakes says:

    I love this too! I have some Rowan Wool Cotton in my stash and I find that knits nicely at a sport-weight gauge.

  2. Michelle says:

    Sometimes it’s nice to have something to look at and think- “when I finish, this will be what I will work on!” Good luck, hopefully you will find some yarn to sub in that will look just fantastic!

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