Unravel 2012

Now that the website is up and running again, I’m catching up on a few things that I’ve been itching to blog about. Firstly, the promised pictures from Unravel at Farnham Maltings (picture heavy, so click below to see the whole post).

As you might expect, this was one huge exercise in yarn enabling.

This is the main hall, but there were many other rooms down staircases and at the end of corridors that could be explored; an Aladdin’s Cave of knitterly delights:

With demonstrations of the Biggest Yarn We’ve Ever Seen:

And hidden surprises waiting to be discovered, like this knitted farmyard:

All around the site were some fabulous examples of graffiti knitting, from the Knitting Ne’er Do Wells. Woolly moles popped up on the lawn…

A lamp post acquired some dancing fair isle…

And railings got a lot more colourful…

Of course no woolly gathering would be complete without a sheep. These two were courtesy of Well Manor Farm.

I had to head for home before I spent my train fare on yet more yummy yarn, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s show!

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