It’s quite sweet the way so many people still think of knitting as a relic from a bygone era. Whether reading newspaper articles or chatting to someone in the office, I’m often struck by how many folk are still surprised by my hobby of choice, at which point I mentally ruffle their hair and pat them on the head thinking ‘bless, you really have no idea, do you?’

For we knitters are steadily marching towards woolly world domination, as can be seen from the exciting news that Ravelry acquired its 2 millionth member this week. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, this may seem small potatoes, but compared to Average Joe’s understanding of just how many people like knitting, it’s awesome.

And whilst not every knitter is a member of Ravelry, the site still manages to encapsulate the wondrous variety of those who wield sticks and hooks. Yes we’ve got grannies (and damn fine they are too) but we also have teenagers, men, fashionistas, artists, guerillas, geeks, farmers, politicos, scientists, more men, and no end of other professions and personalities from all corners of the world.

So congrats to Ravelry, and all the people who make cool stuff armed with nothing more than two sticks and a piece of string.

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  1. drMolly says:

    I quite agree! well said Hoxton.

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