It is DONE!

Actually, it was done on Friday night, but I haven’t had chance to blog about it until now. Yes, the Charmed Sweater is finished and it fits. Really it does. I would show you a picture of my boyfriend modelling his new sweater but I didn’t finish it until 11.30pm, and  he needed to get up at 4am to catch his flight, so not an ideal time to be snapping pictures. However, as proof, I can offer you:

Sorry, our lighting isn’t really up to a midnight photo shoot. But it’s done, he has it with him for his skiing trip, and I will try to get some better pictures when he returns.

Also, I should mention he gave an exemplary response to the gift of handmade knitwear, and managed to look properly chuffed with the finished sweater. He’s a terrible liar (one of his many excellent qualities) and so I’m going to take that as mission accomplished.

In the end, having a deadline proved to be a bonus as it prevented the second sleeve languishing in a pile for several weeks, although if I’d had more time there are a few little things I might have changed. But I consider this a first attempt, and I’m already scheming about what to knit him for next Winter…

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2 Responses to Charming

  1. Katrina says:

    Well done. It looks great!! Although I cannot see on the pic whether you used stocking stitch all over, but I presume it is. How long did it take to knit altogether and did you use Lanark wool?

  2. Misiula says:

    Yay! Congrats on the lovely sweater and on meeting the knitting deadline!

    I’ve just started my first ever sweater for my husband. It makes me anxious like no other knit before. I feel like measuring it every few seconds and I’m driving myself slightly nuts with the constant note-taking. It’s not as terrible as I’m making it sound right now but certainly more difficult than knitting for myself – when I knit for myself, I feel much more open to taking risks than in this case.

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