Home Stretch

I’m getting there. Yesterday I joined the sleeves and body and knitted all. day. long. With the opening round running to about 288 stitches, progress was slow, but I built up a nice line of raglan double decreases every third round. By the evening, I had fallen into a knitting black hole, repeatedly counting the stitches on the sleeves and wondering how in holy hell were they not at the halfway point yet?!?!

But I’m very close to being able to start the saddle shoulders. Which I’m hoping will move moderately quickly, in order to leave extra time for all the swearing and gin-fuelled rage that will inevitable occur when I get to the grafting.

I can knit tonight. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have work things I have to go to in the evenings. Thursday and Friday I can knit, but at some point I need to wet block this thing and let it dry before he wears it at 5am on Saturday morning.

Yeah, I know. And I hear you all loud and clear. But you know that’s not going to stop me trying, right?

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  1. Annette says:

    Totally feasible. But steam for blocking instead of wetting the thing down. Go girl!

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