I have 11 inches of Charmed Sweater:

I did the hem using some of the same New Lanark wool I had, but in a DK weight. I did a knitted cast on with 5mm needles, then switched to 4mm needles and knit for 2″. Then I changed to 5mm needles and the main yarn and, once it was long enough, seamed the hem by knitting the cast on edge stitches together with the stitches on the needle.

It’s created a smooth, seamed hem, without the hassle of a provisional cast on, or starting with 90% of your stitches and increasing (thanks to people on Ravelry and in the comments who had previously done this. Yay for helpful project notes :) )

Meanwhile, the distraction has been dealt with, as I finished my sleeve-lengthening project on my Bliss jumper last night – just in time for the snow that’s forecast to arrive any moment now. A wash seems to have evened it all out; I’m waiting for it to dry before I take some pictures.

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2 Responses to Progress

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi Katie,

    This looks really neat!! Do you know where I might be able to find a tutorial for this kind of hemming? Would really love to try it, but I am not sure I understand it too well without actually looking at YouTube or something.

    (Remember me? I wrote to you from NYC last year, when I (lucklessly) attempted to purchase some Shelter yarn for both of us, and met Jared Flood in a lift – an experience I still haven’t quite recovered from…)


  2. drMolly says:

    Absolutely splendid! the hem I mean. Please let me know where to find how to do this. Thanks so much.

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