The Plan

The Charmed Sweater has begun. I have swatched, I have measured the sweaters in the boy’s wardrobe (which, thankfully, were pretty consistent in their 4″ of positive ease, despite slight variations in weight/style). I have cast on the hem and so begun the long haul of knitting 194 sts per round for 17″ in stocking stitch.  19″ if you include the hem. And that’s before we even get to the sleeves.

For most of the year, I am an entirely selfish knitter, making things for my own wardrobe. My queue is ever-growing and I am constantly itching to cast on the next thing. I am often an end-product knitter, rather than a process knitter. Not only is this sweater going to be fairly dull to knit until I reach the yoke, it’s also going to take a lot of time. So, to keep me sane (relatively speaking, I mean, some ships are long gone at this point) I have decided I need a plan.

Part I of said plan, will be to keep myself entertained whilst knitting around and around and around and around. The advantage of all that stocking stitch is that you don’t have to pay too much attention to it, so this is the perfect opportunity to follow some Danish subtitles and catch up on Borgen, which I have been stockpiling on the iPlayer.

Part II of said plan is to have a little side-project on the go for myself. A 44″ sweater is not something I can carry around on the Tube, so a couple of small, portable items will be more practical and help to ward off a severe case of startitis. I’m thinking fingerless mittens, maybe a simple shawl/scarf, preferably something that isn’t entirely stocking stitch.

But by and large I’m going to need to hunker down and just knit this thing. Like a crazy person.

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4 Responses to The Plan

  1. Savannagal says:

    How do you decide that your boyfriend’s sweaters have 4 inches of ease just by looking at them? I’ve read about ease and understand the concept, but I guess I still don’t quite get it in practice. Love your podcast. Thanks.

    • Hoxton says:

      Oh no, I can’t tell just by looking either! I took his actual chest measurement, which is 40 inches and then I measured his other sweaters, which were 44 inches. So the 4 inch difference is the positive ease. Hope that makes sense!

  2. Sue says:

    Hi there– I am usually a lurker so sorry for not saying hi before now (Coffee was my first episode. . . .) BUT I am feeling like I am in a boyfriend sweater KAL with you right now! I have also been painstakingly swatching and measuring and swatching again for my first husband sweater. He is skeptical that I can pull it off but that only makes me want to do it more. . . though, I/we chose Cobblestone. . . . so let’s commence the acres of stockinette in the round!!!

    • Hoxton says:

      Hi Sue (and thanks for coming out of lurkdom!) Glad to hear I’m not alone. I love the Cobblestone and would have made it except that 1) I already knit one for myself, so it would be a bit his’n’hers and 2) Himself wasn’t convinced about the yoke shape. Really good pattern though, hope you enjoy.

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