Charmed Sweater

I have decided that my boyfriend’s soon-to-be-knitted jumper will now be referred to as the Charmed Sweater, in honour of its defiance of the sweater curse and general kickass mojo. By the time I’m done, I fully expect it to ward off evil spirits, destroy any moth that comes within three feet and, in an emergency, repel zombies.

My yarn arrived from New Lanark yesterday; a lovely mid-brown aran   wool that’s suitably sheepy, but still soft. (And can I just say again how much I love New Lanark – 1400 yrds of British wool for under 30 quid. Brilliant).

I have pretty much settled on a plain Seamless Hybrid, with a shirt yoke. As this will involve me doing all the maths, rather than following a detailed pattern, and as I’m only used to winging it on garments in my size, I am taking an unprecedented course of action.

I am swatching.

Not only that, I am swatching in the round.

My gauge is going to be calibrated with nano technological precision. Take that, Sweater Curse.

Of course, even with the right gauge, I still need to pick the right measurements. I’ve taken his actual measurements, and next I’m going to measure a couple of his jumpers to get an idea of how much positive ease to add. He doesn’t like them baggy but, equally, a fitted jumper in aran weight won’t be very comfortable. I’m thinking I’ll need to add 2-4″, though on 5mm needles it should be a relatively stretchy fabric so I don’t want to over-compensate. Does anyone have any thoughts on ease?

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2 Responses to Charmed Sweater

  1. sophie says:

    So much precision! I’d say 2″ ease is not quite enough as he’ll be wearing something underneath (I guess), 3 to 4″ would be more accurate

  2. Susanne says:

    There’s always the trick of measuring an existing sweater or jacket, if he’s got one in a similar weight or style. I measured a SmartWool jacket of my bf’s as a model for his cardigan. And good on you for swatching! The 4″ of ease I was aiming turned out to be more like 2″, somehow all on the back, so it only barely buttons. No evidence of curses so far though.

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