Episode 71: Beware of the Twee

This week we take a look at the floral-printed, sugar-coated word of twee. Plus there’s some exceedingly cool crochet, a computer-inspired yarnstorm, a yarn review, and some rather sad victims of the modeling industry.

Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm

WooWork’s C.A.R.R.O.T Jetpack

Woolen Rabbit

Sad Etsy Boyfriends

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3 Responses to Episode 71: Beware of the Twee

  1. The issue has never been directly addressed, but as far as my fairly extensive Nintendo knowledge goes, Kirby is a boy.

    You’re so cute. “A Nintendo machine”. Apologies for the patronizing tone – I’m a pretty heavy gamer!

    As part of the work for my Master’s degree in chemistry, I have to take data from an awful lot of spectra and fill them into an excel spreadsheet. I wanted you to know that your podcast has not only made this job less of a bore, but when I know there’s a new episode up, I actually look forward to it! Thank you.

  2. Another skein of fabulousness.

    Thanks for the KTC love. It balances out that crazy “NSPCC advert” review. :)

  3. chloe says:

    fab podcast – i giggled the whole way through the twee section and the sad etsy boyfriends bit! xx

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