Episode 66: The Panto Strikes Back

It’s that time of year where the traditional British pantomime makes a return. This time the Sheep has written the show’s knitter’s audio panto, which means I can’t be held responsible for the content. Hope you enjoy it despite the chickens. Plus there’s a collaboration with a lovely listener to bring you a knitting-inspired take on a Christmas classic.

A Stitch In Time Vol.2

Last year’s Christmas Panto episode

The episode with the Knitting Raven

Last Christmas – knitter’s version

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2 Responses to Episode 66: The Panto Strikes Back

  1. Henriette says:

    Still catching up with the older episodes of your wonderful podcast. I listened to this one today right after sunset on my balcony and when I heard the song, I nearly cried. You have such a lovely voice. Thank you!

    Henriette from Berlin, Germany

    • Hoxton says:

      Thank you – that’s very kind! I’m sure my singing has made people cry before (probably my neighbours who have to hear me practicing!)

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