Knit Nation: Day Two

Yesterday was another busy day at Knit Nation. I legged it back over to Kensington after work and had another walk round the market – still plenty of Wollmeise to go round. Speaking of which, here’s a glimpse of the two skeins I bought yesterday and which I’ve already cast on for my Featherweight Cardigan:

Though in reality the colour has a little more green in it. I also had a chat with some lovely fibre folk at the Qiviuk stand, stroking skeins of the softest yarn around.

But I couldn’t stay for long as it was soon time for the Ravelry Talk with Jess and Casey. They told us all about the origins of the site, what kept them going, and how it’s grown. Did you know there are currently 3,500,000 projects listed on Ravelry?!!

Jess and Casey were funny and charming and, of course, we mustn’t forget Bob who, although not there in person, was featured in many a story and slide:

They’re heading up to Leeds and Scotland shortly, for more meet-ups and fibre events. Meanwhile, I’m getting on with editing all the material I’ve recorded and putting together the podcast. I hope it won’t take too long, although the episode may go up a day or two later than usual, with more info and links to a whole host of knitterly delights. Watch this space…

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2 Responses to Knit Nation: Day Two

  1. Pinneguri says:

    Thanks, it’s almost like being there :)

  2. Your post positively shimmers with excitement. I can feel it! What a wonderful event and so much fun for everyone. I am SO jealous you met Ysolde. She has become a delightful icon for a fantastic and creative hobby!!

    I love your Wolmeise colours to. Breathtaking!

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