Knit Nation: Day One

Well after all the anticipation, Knit Nation finally kicked off today! There’ll be lots more info, interviews and chatter on the podcast (hopefully on Sunday if I can edit it all in time!), but here’s a little taste of what was going on…

The marketplace opened with a preview at 5pm. Sadly I was still at my desk then and couldn’t get over to Kensington in time, but I arrived at about 6.30pm to find things a little quieter after the initial frenzy, most of which could be put down to the Wollmeise.

As it’s rarely available outside Germany, people were eager to get their hands on a skein (or twelve). But as you can see, there was plenty to go around (although the laceweight went pretty quickly).

I can attest the colours are spectacular and so glossy and saturated it’s hard to believe it’s just merino. But there are so many other yarn stalls to drool over, with different fibres and colours, it’s a knitters dream.

I headed around the stalls, interviewing various lovely folk for the podcast, including Knitting Magazine, Loop, Woolly Wormhead and fellow Twitterer 1mgoldstars. I also said hello to the friendly Bothered Owl at their very colourful stall:

With their fabulous lego stitch markers proving as popular as ever, though some were a little perturbed by all those tiny heads:

Then I had a lovely chat with Ravelry’s Jess, and Ysolda.

Ysolda’s stall is beautifully laid out with samples of her patterns for people to try on. They also have a brilliant photo booth set up, which prints a picture of you in a favourite sample for you to take home! I think it’s also going to be used at the Ravelry party on Saturday. Ysolda’s new sweater patterns are there and I for one can’t wait til they’re published in the autumn. Here’s a snap of Ysolda and I in two gorgeous cardigans. (Sorry, no scanner so it’s a photo of a photo, and therefore a little grainy plus, of course, our heads aren’t missing in the original!)

So everyone’s having a marvellous time and it’s all going very well. Testament to a lot of planning and preparation from Alice and all her helpers. I’ll be back there tomorrow, and posting more on here and Twitter!

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5 Responses to Knit Nation: Day One

  1. sarah jane forrester says:

    I’m green with envy, everything looks so lovely.
    Thanks for keeping us up north up to date with what’s going on:)

  2. Ooo it looks fantastic, I can’t wait until Saturday!! Thanks for the post.

  3. Pinneguri says:

    I bet you are exhausted and yet you manage this! Thanks for pictures and stories 😀

  4. Maryjo says:

    thanks for a quick sneak peak, and good thing I was sitting down when I saw the photo of all the W-meise LOL

  5. Melodie says:

    WOW, am in awe, that makes Stitches in USA look like small potatoes. I am oh so jealous, plus Alice Starmore. Your sweater you are wearing is unbelievable, I lovvve it!
    Keep taking pics and share some good info. on your podcasts, can’t wait!

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