Episode 50: The Colour of Magic

It’s the 50th episode! Good grief, how did that happen?!? Thank you to all of you who’ve been listening.

On this week’s show, we take a look at the magic and power of colour, and how they’re often taken for granted. We’ve also got a run down of the best jumper patterns for beginner knitters embarking on their first garment, and there’s even a video that combines the wonders of Fraggle Rock with knitting.

In other news, this episode will mark the end of series three. I’ll be taking a brief sabbatical for about six weeks, but fear not the Sheep will return! Probably sometime round the middle of July. Watch this space…

First time jumpers: Top-down raglan; Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater ‘recipe’; Cobblestone; Owls; Oatmeal; Jawbreaker; Minimalist; Debbie Bliss baby patterns – Boat Neck Sweater.


Knit Nation

Crafty Crafty – Fraggle Rock knitting song

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9 Responses to Episode 50: The Colour of Magic

  1. Camille says:

    The Vitruvian man?

    Great essay, as always. I read The Virgin Blue years ago and loved it.

  2. Kim says:

    Great podcast! Thank you so much for talking about the beginner jumpers! I am obsidian78 on Ravelry and I suggested this topic in your Feed the Sheep thread :) Great suggestions and tips. I will be using them to select my first jumper to knit 😀

  3. monbouton says:

    6 weeks !!! that’s way too long !!
    enjoy your vacation though and don’t think too much about your languishing listeners :)

  4. annmarie says:

    enjoy your break but, hold on, did I doze off (sorry, it’s not the company) and miss discussion of the virgin blue? I have to go back and give the episode another listen. I loved that book when I read it some years back.

  5. yarnsalad says:

    Dear Lady Hoxton,
    I am a very, very big fan. I just discovered you a few weeks ago and am just about caught up. (O no? Then what do I do?)
    Just so you know, I went to the Electric Sheep group on Ravelry and friended every single member. You have great listeners!

    :-) yarnsalad

    • katie says:

      Hello Yarnsalad – Lady Hoxton! Ha ha! Do I get to wear a hat? And carry a sword? Or perhaps a fan… Hmmm, so long as I have footmen to carry my yarn (and tend to the Sheep) I’m sure either is fine…
      Sorry, I digress – hello! So happy to hear you’ve been enjoying the show, thanks for tuning in, and yes, the Sheep’s listeners are truly wonderful folk!

  6. Jacinta says:

    I just recently started listening to you! Loved the episode!! :)
    I feel inspired to knit me an OWL now … YAY!

    And may I just say, I LOVED Fraggle Rock!!

  7. sonja poor says:

    Only just now listened to episode 50. FIFTY? !! Wow. Congratulations. How fast time does past. Your essay on color was just fabulous. Enjoyed it so much.

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