Episode 49: Stitched Up

I’m reporting back from the Stitched Up event at the Hunterian Museum and trying my hand at some surgical suturing. Plus there’s a sneaky preview of a brand new knitting book and an hilarious video that gives some literary legends a whole new image.

Hunterian Museum

Stitch London

Simple Knitting – Erika Knight

Super Extreme Mega History Heroes

Fuzzy Ink

Alas, poor Yorick...

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4 Responses to Episode 49: Stitched Up

  1. kimchi says:

    OMG!!! that video of the Bronte Sisters Action Figures?!!! HILARIOUS!!!
    And when they get together to create the BRONTE-SAURUS?! omg.
    srsly funny stuff. looking forward to another great podcast! :)

  2. Camille says:

    Brontë sisters action figures = pure awesome!!! It’s that kind of stuff that makes YouTube worthwhile for me. :}

  3. Christine in Knitvada says:

    Loved this episode with The Bronte Sisters becoming the icing on the pod-cake! Say, I have an idea: I don’t fight with those pesky paper-bound books too long before I start checking how much margin room there is. Then I go to the local print shop with it and have the whole thing trimmed and spiral bound so it will lay down flat. I think the newbie knitter would be a lot happier with that solution, as well as the reviewing podcast host!
    Cheers! ~Christine.

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