Episode 48: Emily

This week we take a look at the woman who’s at least partly responsible for my vote next Thursday, Emily Wilding Davison. Plus we go over what’s on my needles; a travel knitting quandary and surfing farm animals are clearly here to stay….

Flaming Lips – Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

Knit Nation – www.knitnation.co.uk (see previous post)

Surfing sheep

Farrah sweater

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4 Responses to Episode 48: Emily

  1. Electra says:

    Regarding your request for travel knitting.
    What if you were to search Ravelry for wee free patterns for bike-helmet ear muffs (or just an ear-warming headband), an ankle band for your pants or over-your-pantleg leg warmers, fingerless mitts, a neck warmer and various other little bits that could be useful when biking to/from work in the early/late cool hours? You could make them as a set out of one type of yarn, and then you’d have a nice set of biking equipment, but as each piece would be simple and quick, it would make good travel knitting.

    • katie says:

      Electra – that is a brilliant idea. Genius. Practical on so many levels. Thank you! Will investigate patterns….

  2. Vendredi says:

    “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God,” is a quotation by Ben Franklin. And what an American sentiment, don’t you think, it all its self-servingness? Well, come to think of it so is this one, also by BF: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    Thank God I’m the one American atheist! Oh, hell that’s so American and so self serving too…


  3. xenia says:

    actually, i am sorry to correct you in this point, but the viennese are the world champions in putting up co-memorative plaques. they must be, because virtually every house in this bizarre city bears a plaque (or two, or three, or ….) co-memorating a person, who most certainly nobody has ever heard of. what the thus honoured all have in common apart from their obscurity is that they are all male. and of course, oh so important. it’s a laugh really. (factual, but not totally serious ; )

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