The Sheep on the BBC

Woot! I’m on the BBC! Well, a small, very friendly part of it at any rate.

A very lovely listener wrote to the Pods and Blogs show on BBC Radio 5 Live, recommending they check out Electric Sheep.  They duly did so and then got in touch asking if they could interview me.  So I had a great chat with the charming Jamillah on Monday evening.  The show is, obviously, all about the online community of bloggers, podcasters and journalists, so our discussion focused on that side of things in particular.  You can hear the interview as part of the latest episode, which is available to play or download for the next 7 days only – so grab it while you can! I’m the final segment, in the last six minutes or so, but the rest of the show is well worth a listen too!

You can find Pods and Blogs over here.

And thank you again to the listener who took the time and trouble to contact them.  See, without you guys I’m just a crazy lady talking to a sheep…

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3 Responses to The Sheep on the BBC

  1. LauraSue says:

    Hello, Hoxton. This is OT, but I know that you are involved with theater, so wanted to let you know that my DH is an active theater blogger over at Theater Ideas blog. In case you’re interested, he’s frequently quoted by Chris Wilkinson of the London Guardian, a cause of much excitement over here! Here’s a link to the latest quote: He is the Walters mentioned in paragraph 2. Please don’t tell me if Wilkinson is a crackpot or The Guardian is total rubbish. It would spoil our fantasy of being totally famous to have made a mention in London!

  2. Kent says:

    Congrats on your interview with the BBC!

    I wish I would have come across your post a few days earlier though :(

    It’s a shame that they don’t have an archive of past shows.


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