Episode 24: Playground

Playground politics this week, as I make my own small defence of the National Health Service.  Plus a whole new playground of knitting, with a brilliant way to add a little random surprise to your pattern. There’s also the ultimate handmade film project and the beards return….

So come out and play with the Sheep – but no fisticuffs please….;)

Game Knitting

Star Wars Uncut

Wife of Brian

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3 Responses to Episode 24: Playground

  1. Julie says:

    I just found your podcast at #30 so am working back through some older posts; loving them! Your defense of the NHS was brilliant. I am a Canadian and the US had a go at our system too. You put my exact thoughts into words – right on.
    Keep up the great podcast!

  2. Melinda Allen says:

    I have just discovered your podcast and loved this one especially. We lived in Scotland for a couple of years in the late 70s. It’s because of the NHS that I have my oldest daughter. Anytime someone says something against the NHS I tell them-from personal experience-how great I think it is. I wish we could have NHS here.

  3. Henriette says:

    Thanks for this great episode!

    Still catching up. Hope you will find episode 29 soon because I’m sure it is a really great one judging from the show notes.

    Have a nice sunday evening!

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