Episode 20: Magic & Mayhem

This week, by popular demand, we return to the Hoxton Handmade film review, with a look over that magical TV mini-series, Merlin. Plus some impressive ukulele action has been going on at the Proms; there’s an excellent charity knitting project to get your needles into; a fabulous new yarn over at Rowan; and a wonderful new knitting pattern resource. Oh, and some singing chaps from New Zealand…

The links:


The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Innocent – The Big Knit

Felted Tweed-Tastic


Frodo Don’t Wear the Ring

Hiphopapotamus vs Rhymenoceros

Here endeth the First Series. But the Sheep will be back on Sunday 20th September, so keep those needles pointy, and in the meantime you can reach me at hoxtonhandmade@gmail.com, or through Ravelry and Twitter.

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8 Responses to Episode 20: Magic & Mayhem

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  2. Julie D. says:

    Hi there! Electric Sheep is Forgotten Classics’ podcast highlight this week. It is within the first ten minutes of the podcast so you don’t have to sit through the whole thing if you don’t want to. Though there is a cracking good yarn this week. Feel free to email me; I couldn’t find your email on the site.

    Julie D.

  3. Julie D. says:

    OOPS … forgot to leave the episode link. If it’ll take the code … let’s see …

  4. Thea says:

    Katie, have a nice break from podcasting. Will look forward to hearing you in the fall!

  5. Christine says:

    I just listened to your podcast for the first time. Great show! And what good timing — I will use your break to go back and listen to past episodes, something I rarely do with other podcasts. Thanks so much for mentioning knitfinder. It’s a work of genius. : ) Enjoy your break and keep up the terrific work. (I found out about your Electric Sheep through the Knitmore Girls podcast; Jasmin gave it a very nice mention in the Aug. 23 episode.)

    • katie says:

      Hi Christine, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. Yes, the Knitmore Girls is a great show and it’s very kind of them to mention the Sheep – I dropped a note to Jasmin to say thank you.

  6. Henriette says:

    That Knitfinder is terrific! Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

    (still catching up with my listening to your show)

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